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Not Just Another Legal Blog - An Introduction

Hi internet. My name is Drake Larson. I’m an attorney, but I guess you knew that. Welcome. I, like a long line of boring attorneys before me, have chosen to begin authoring my own blog. I might manage to make this interesting and fun to read. I may be able to wrangle some legal facts into this thing – you might even learn something! But please don’t come into this thing with high hopes – as my wife is fond to remind me, us attorneys are long-winded and full of hot air.

So if you want to learn about me as a person, read on. If you want to learn about law or something, I’ll direct your attention to the side bar that will (in time) be filled with all kinds of fun goodies.

I was born and raised in the frigid northern state of Minnesota. All you need to know about Minnesota you can learn from the film “Fargo”. I’m positive that was an accidental documentary. It’s cold there. People have cute accents. Sometimes people fall into woodchippers.

When I was four years old I was trying to wrack my young brain for an idea for a Halloween costume. I asked my father what the scariest thing he could think of was. He told me that he could think of no scarier thing to come to his door than an attorney. So that year I went trick or treating as an attorney. I’d love to say that from that moment on I knew I’d be an attorney, but that’s not true. I didn’t have a clue of what I’d be until three months before I went to law school. I basically went to law school because I had a bachelors degree in history and all you can do with that is teach history, curate museums, and punch Nazi’s like Indiana Jones. So I decided to take option D and become a lawyer, because why not?

I lucked out. I happen to love law. Arguing is fun. Words are fun. And there’s nothing better than litigating! So now that’s what I do – I make bad jokes and good arguments and have a blast while I do it.

If you want a boring stuck up serious attorney, you’ll probably have to look elsewhere. If you want an attorney that can quote Conan the Barbarian or swap theories about Game of Thrones – and also give you solid legal advice and help you win your case – come look me up!

Beyond bad jokes and stupid references, I’ll be writing on this thing as often as I can and breaking down some general concepts regarding “Family Law”. Family Law is Divorce, Adoption, Custody, Visitation, Grandparent Visitation… etc. You will not find much of interest here about (but not limited to) Anti-Trust law, Admiralty Law, Sheparding, Ghost Busting, or Usury laws.

Finally, I also moonlight as a blog-writer and podcast co-host with Nicole from Heritage Acres Market, LLC. She’s a crazy beekeeper/chicken-lover/small-time farmer. She knows everything you need to know about running a small farm. She sells stuff related to that and doles out advice. Check her out and give her some love here. And if you want to listen to my not-so-beautiful voice discuss bee law and the perfect second date (seriously, I’ve put a lot of thought into the second date thing) then check out the first episode of the podcast that I’m involved in here. (More podcasts with me on them to come!) Anyway. I hope to publish something once per week. Hit me up with emails if you have input, or questions on a topic, or just want to say hi! No. Really. I'd love an email just saying hi. It would make my day! More to come. Stay tuned!

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